Veel leuker dan in het ziekenhuis!

4 Dec: A normal life

Dear friends of Lennard,

As you know, Lennard has been home for a while now (his arrival was beautifully documented by the TV programme Hello Goodbye).┬áLennard is having a blast these days: back to school, back to playing with his friends and of course back to playing with Judith! Lennard and Judith missed each other immensely every time Lennard was in hospital, and now they will not leave each other’s sight. Lovely.

Lennard had a few more scans last week; one to check for tumours, another to check his lymph nodes, and his hearing was also tested. The hearing was important too: many children develop hearing problems from undergoing chemootherapy. We got the results this week, and it was all good news: Lennard is stil all clear! There were a few little things that the doctors will be monitoring, but nothing they’re worried about. And Lennard’s hearing is still A-okay!


Look at me Opa!

Another thing that Lennard is very good at, is writing his own name. And of course he had to show off his skills to Opa (Grandpa)! Judith is watching intently, because now that her big brother can write his own name she wants to learn too… Lennard is doing great in school and is slowly growing back to being a ‘normal child’. He’s also getting some physical therapy to help him out with that, and that too is going well.

The family are slowly building up their lives again. Last year, they basically had to drop everything all of a sudden, because suddenly everything was about survival and the only that matters then is the life of your child. And now they have to pick everything back up, one by one, reconnect, get back into position. But things have moved on since, and you cannot always simply go back to where you were 18 months ago…
Babysteps, carefully but bravely confident.


Yummy fried fish!

Right now, it is very important for the family to focus on picking up their new life (the old one is gone, but we will learn to deal with that). So from now we will not give as many updates on Lennard4life. Marleen, Karst Jan, Lennard and Judith need some kind of closure, to start their new life. When there is news, we will of course let you guys know, and we’ll keep the Facebook group going too!

We really want to thank everyone who has supported us, again, from the bottom of our hearts. Every contribution, every drive, every volunteer, every event, every pat on the back, every phone-call, every card, every kind word: we cannot quite express how much they have meant to us. Of course, you have made it financially possible for Lennard to go the US in the first place, to receive the treatment he so desperately needed.
Thank you so much for that!
But secondly, your support has given Marleen and Karst Jan (and all of us) strength; you have helped us to stay strong for Lennard and Judith. So that they could keep smiling, or at least find comfort when smiles were too hard to manage. This strength has helped in making it possible for Lennard and Judith to be enjoying fried fish again together. This strength we got from you, and we are ever so thankful for it.

Then lastly, we want to wish you all happy holidays; we are looking forward to a very happy Christmastime this year!

Big hugs from Lennard4life

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  1. Our very best wishes to all the family. Seasonal greetings and hopefully a healthy and happy new year.
    Regards from
    Lynda and Tony Shaw (Jane and Peter s friends from Leeds)

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