27 dec: Fever, in the hospital


Yahtzee! And this was the second one!

Unfortunately, not very happy tidings for Lennard, just after Christmans… From bloodwork done at the hospital, Lennard is showing to be suffering from an infection of some kind… Lennard has been hospitalised at the Medical Centre Twente in Enschede (MST).


On our way to Christmas party at school!

Last week, Lennard completed a chemo course. That went quite well. Of course, being in the hospital is not the best way to spend your time, but Lennard learnt a new game: Yahtzee. And he is really good at it! Lennard was able to finish the chemo course and go home before Christmas, which was really nice. Lennard and Judith were even able to go the Christmas party at their school, great fun! And new nice outfits… Party was a blast. The family spent Christmas with just the four of them, quiet special family time. It was just what they needed.

The plan was to undergo a number of checkups and tests this week, to see what the result has been of the last two chemo courses. Accordingly, a plan for the next phase would be made, so we would know what Lennard’s treatment will look like in the following weeks and months. First step was to look into Lennards blood. The last few days, Lennard was not feeling too well… And Lennards father has also taken ill. So we were a little concerned. Unfortunately, our worries turned out to be justified. Lennard is suffering from some sort of a virus or bacteria.


Being hospitalised in your Christmas holidays is not fun at all…

After consultation with the specialists at the Princess Maxima Centre in Utrecht and the doctors in MST Enschede, it has been decided to cancel all checkups and tests for the week. Lennard will stay at the MST hospital untill his fever clears. While he is suffering from fever, his blood will be constantly checked. In the coming days, we should be able to find out what is causing the infection in his blood. Also, Lennard is on antibiotics. The doctors have indicated that Lennard will probably have to stay 3-4 nights in the hospital. That means, even untill the new year…

It really really unfortunate that this is happening. Lennard is very sad that he has to spend his Christmas holidays in the hospital, where that was not supposed to be the case beforehand. He wants to be home, with Judith, and Judith also misses him a lot. Lennard and Judith had counted on spending some nice days together, with mom and dad, for the Christmas holidays. Also, this means that we will have to wait a bit longer to find out more about the impact of the chemo courses that Lennard underwent, and about the treatment planned for the coming weeks and months…. First on the list is getting better at the hospital.

Lennard, we wish you all the best! Hope you feel a bit better soon!

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