Nov 25: Chemo went well!

Lunchen op de oncologie afdeling

Oncology lunch

Dear friends of Lennard’s,

Well, the first chemo is behind us and it went well. Lennard has been incredibly brave and in good spirits, even after several days of chemo our little lion was playing bowls and hockey in the hallways of the hospital. What a trooper.

Weer naar school!

Back to school!

Right now the family will be home for 10 days, and that is of course wonderful. Simply being together, that is what everybody wants right now. And Lennard can go back to school, hurray!

Over the next few days, Lennard will start to feel increasingly worse, as the chemo starts to take effect in his body. But after that he should feel better again.

The next 10 day chemo treatment is planned for December 7th. Hopefully Lennard can be as brave for that one, as he was this time.

We’re all rooting for you Lennard!



This is what courage looks like.

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