25 Oct: A sad message…


Lennard is a fighter, Captain Hook can attest to that!


We will fight this battle! Go Lennard!


Dear friends of Lennard, a very sad message. The neuroblastoma has returned; cancer is growing again in Lennard’s small body. Our worst nightmare has become reality.

We are shocked and incredibly sad and afraid for the times to come. But we’re not giving up. Lennard must defeat this ‘little ball’ like he did before! The oncologists are now making a treatment plan to help Lennard in this task. He will undergo surgery in the coming weeks and will also get chemo again. His treatments will be carried out in the Princess Maxima Centre for Children’s Oncology in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Lennard is feeling well for now. He knows that he is ill again and he is very disappointed and sad about it. He does not want this; nobody wanted this.

We will keep you updated via this website and the Lennard4life Facebook page.

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