25 Sept: back to school!

Now that the family’s back, they have to slowly find their way to ‘normal’.
But that is actually not quite that easy. The overwhelming roller coaster that is neuroblastoma does have a lasting impact. So even though they are back from the US, and while Lennard’s treatment may be over for the time being, that does not mean life can go on exactly as before.

The family entered this nightmare in June 2014, and since then everything has revolved around Lennard’s illness. Their lives were determined by Lennard’s medical treatments and all the worries, the pain and the grief that came with children’s cancer. And while the treatment may now be over, the worries are not: for the coming years there is a large chance that the neuroblastoma tumors will return. Should they return, then that means very bad news for Lennard and his family, for up until now it has not been possible to treat a returning neuroblastoma successfully. This is not something we really want to think about or talk about, but we do want to be upfront about it here because we do not want people to think that it is now ‘over’.
It is not ‘over’, they’re still right in the middle of it.

Lennard can't wait to go back to school!

Lennard can’t wait to go back to school!

But since Lennard’s treatment is over now (there will still be tests) it would be best for him and his little sister to return back to ‘normal’ as much as possible. And that also means that Lennard is going back to school! You know how much Lennard loves and has missed school, and throughout his trip in the US his classmates have kept in touch. That was really sweet!

No cavities!

No cavities!

Lennard and Judith are settling in nicely, they of course have little knowledge of worries. And that is a good thing. Judith got new boots to be able to cope with Dutch autumn, and soon she and Lennard were splashing their heart out in the puddles. New boots have to be tested, right? ;) They’ve also been to the dentist already, and it turns out they had been dutifully brushing their teeth: no cavities!

Brave Lennard!

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