22 June: Things are looking up!


Lennard chilling on the sofa


Yum yum!

It has been about two weeks since Lennard got released from hospital after his fourth course of treatments. The fourth course is a tough one… but Lennard is coping very well this time. Pretty quickly, he’s able to sit up (not just lie down) on the sofa. And the C-diff which bothered Lennard during earlier treatments has been mostly kept at bay.

His appetite is slowly returning… almost two months of mainly getting your nutrients through a feeding tube has had quite an impact. Lennard’s stomach is taking a little time to get used to solid foods again. But a few bites of chicken, chips/fries and apple sauce went in ok!

It is great Lennard is feeling better, of course mostly for Lennard himself. He is doing much better both physically and mentally, which makes everything just a little easier for everyone. More rays of sunshine entering the home!


That smile says it all…

Now that Lennard is feeling a little better, the family can also go on little trips, something they didn’t quite manage before. Since February he’s either been in and out of hospital or recuperating at home before his next treatment. But now… Lennard finally got to SWIM again! He’s been talking about that from the moment he got to Philadelphia, he really wanted to go for a swim. In the Netherlands, where water, ditches, lakes and ponds are never far away, children learn to swim when they are very young.


The Atlantic Ocean… Exciting!!

But things work a little differently in the US, and access to public pools is a little trickier. Many require an annual membership, which doesn’t really make sense for Lennard. In his condition, he will only be able to go a couple of times. But thanks to Jayden, a fellow soldier in the battle against neuroblastoma, Lennard got to go swimming in a real pool! That was great, for him and Judith. A big thank you to Jayden’s parents!


Family portrait on the beach…

And then Karst Jan, Marleen, Lennard and Judith even went on a proper day trip, to the beach! It was a special event for children who are battling cancer and their families, organised by Kisses for Kyle. Lennard got to experience the Atlantic Ocean for the first time! Another happy moment to treasure. How lovely to be able to get out, and forget all your worries. And the whole family got to join in! Wonderful. Thank you so much to Kisses for Kyle for a truly unforgettable day!

The aquarium was next on the list. What a sight, a shark up close!!! Lennard loved it. After about an hour he was totally exhausted… but of course his body is still fighting the fight.

Early July he’ll start with course no 5. That means the family have about another week to enjoy Philadelphia together. Have fun Lennard!


Whoah BIG fish!


Tired now…












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