Lennard has a “trooperchain”, like many children with childhood cancer. It is already very long!

KanjerKettingWhat is a trooperchain?

The trooperchain is an initiative of the Association of Parents, Children and Cancer (VOKK). For each treatment, research or other special event Lennard gets a new bead on his chain. There are beads for chemotherapy, radiotherapy, drawing blood, a scan, a lumbar puncture, hair loss, a very good day, a terrible off-day, surgery, a stay in the intensive care unit and so on. So this creates a story: the story of Lennard’s struggle against “the ball in his tummy”.

With every step Lennard takes his chain grows and every treatment he must undergo delivers him a reward. Lennard can see all he has done and endured. It’s something to be proud of.

Marleen and Karst Jan, the parents of Lennard, are very pleased with the trooperchain; it gives support and stability. Therefore if, after Lennard’s treatment, money is left over, they would like to donate to three charities, including the VOKK. The other charities are the Villa Joep Foundation (the national foundation for neuroblastoma) and the CliniClowns (clowns who visit children in hospital).