1. How can I help Lennard?
Donate. Together we can help fulfil Lennard’s wish. Please wire you donation to:
IBAN/SEPA: NL63 RABO 0195271173

2. What is neuroblastoma?
A rare and very serious kind of child cancer. More info.

3. Why does Lennard need to go the USA?
The CHOP in Philadelphia can provide a treatment which will double Lennard’s chances of full recovery! More info.

4. How much money does Lennard need?
In total, Lennard needs about €80,000, which is about $100,000 or £63,000.

5. What will the money be used for?
The treatment itself will be paid for by Lennard’s health insurance, which is absolutely great. It is however not enough, because there will be lots of costs connected to the treatment which cannot be reimbursed by health insurance, such as living costs for his parents and his little sister, and possibly extra medication as well. The money from the Lennard4life Foundation will only be used for those costs which are connected to Lennard’s fight against cancer. This has been documented in the foundation’s articles of association and will be checked by the Dutch tax agency.

6. Why do both parents have to join Lennard in the USA?
Other parents who have been through this have warned us that one parent will not be enough to support Lennard during his treatment. Immunotherapy will be very heavy on Lennard and on his parents, and he needs their support as much as they need each other’s in this difficult time. Lennard might have to stay in the US for six months or even up to a year, and his little sister Judith (age 2) cannot be separated from her family for that long, so she needs to come, too. Lennard’s fight against this disease will be tough on the whole family and it is incredibly important that they can fight for Lennard’s life together.

7. What if you get more money than you need?
Should we raise more funds than Lennard needs for his recovery, then the surplus will be donated to various charities which are connected to his disease. This has been documented in the foundation’s articles of association.