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The Lennard4life Foundation was established to raise funds to support Lennard in his fight against the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

Lennard, who has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, needs to undergo treatment in the USA. The treatment itself is covered by health insurance, and that’s great, but it’s not enough. Lennard can not go to the USA on his own; he needs both his parents and his parents desperately need each other’s support in this difficult time. And because Lennard needs to stay in the USA for six months, his little sister Judith must come too!
The funds raised by the Lennard4life Foundation will be used for everything connected to Lennard’s treatment, such as travel and accommodation for his parents and his sister. Some drugs may not be covered by health insurance, in which case the Lennard4life Foundation will cover these as well. All in all, Lennard will need about €80,000, which is about $100,000 or £63,000.

Should we raise more funds than Lennard needs for his recovery, then the surplus will be donated to various charities which are connected to his disease, including Villa Joep, the TrooperChain and the CliniClowns. This has been documented in the foundation’s articles of association.

Board of the Foundation Lennard4life

Wim van Lammeren Chair

Wim van Lammeren

Margreet Luth Secretary

Margreet Luth

Evert Koeslag Treasurer

Evert Koeslag

Postal address of the Lennard4life Foundation: 

Lambertusstraat 166
3062 XC Rotterdam
+31 6 17 47 27 76


On behalf of Lennard, Judith, Marleen and Karst Jan we want to sincerely thank everybody who has been helping out!