27 dec: Fever, in the hospital

Unfortunately, not very happy tidings for Lennard, just after Christmans… From bloodwork done at the hospital, Lennard is showing to be suffering from an infection of some kind… Lennard has been hospitalised at the Medical Centre Twente in Enschede (MST). Last week, Lennard completed a chemo course. That went quite well. Of course, being in […]


07 Dec: Disappointment

A disappointment for Lennard and his family: the second chemo course, which was scheduled for today, had to be postponed. Lennard has not sufficiently recovered from the previous chemo yet. Lennard is now being administered blood transfusions which will hopefully allow him to continue treatment on Monday. Lennard’s treatments sometimes stop him from attending school, […]


Nov 25: Chemo went well!

Dear friends of Lennard’s, Well, the first chemo is behind us and it went well. Lennard has been incredibly brave and in good spirits, even after several days of chemo our little lion was playing bowls and hockey in the hallways of the hospital. What a trooper. Right now the family will be home for […]


25 Oct: A sad message…

  Dear friends of Lennard, a very sad message. The neuroblastoma has returned; cancer is growing again in Lennard’s small body. Our worst nightmare has become reality. We are shocked and incredibly sad and afraid for the times to come. But we’re not giving up. Lennard must defeat this ‘little ball’ like he did before! […]

Veel leuker dan in het ziekenhuis!

4 Dec: A normal life

Dear friends of Lennard, As you know, Lennard has been home for a while now (his arrival was beautifully documented by the TV programme Hello Goodbye). Lennard is having a blast these days: back to school, back to playing with his friends and of course back to playing with Judith! Lennard and Judith missed each other […]


25 Sept: back to school!

Now that the family’s back, they have to slowly find their way to ‘normal’. But that is actually not quite that easy. The overwhelming roller coaster that is neuroblastoma does have a lasting impact. So even though they are back from the US, and while Lennard’s treatment may be over for the time being, that […]

Still all clear and on the way home!

Our apologies, we have very little time to come up with a proper translation right now… But the most important news is that Lennard is still all clear! Hurray! Every test is nerve-wrecking, but Lennard pulled through again. The family is hoping to return home in the second week of September. We just can’t wait […]


22 June: Things are looking up!

It has been about two weeks since Lennard got released from hospital after his fourth course of treatments. The fourth course is a tough one… but Lennard is coping very well this time. Pretty quickly, he’s able to sit up (not just lie down) on the sofa. And the C-diff which bothered Lennard during earlier […]

Kibbeling eten, njammie!

10 June: One year ago…

This week, on 10 June, it was exactly one year ago. One year ago that Lennard complained of abdominal pain. Abdominal pain that was so bad that he was screaming, and his mum Marleen took Lennard to the GP. That the GP did not like what he saw, and he sent Lennard to the hospital. […]


24 May: Still all clear!

Lennard has undergone multiple tests again last week, and the results for now are positive: Lennard is still all clear! Every test is nerve wrecking, and we will never get used to them, no matter how often Lennard will have to through this. The CT and MIBG scans are completely clear, they did not show anything […]