Judith blij

24 Dec: Lennard home for Christmas!

  Very good news this morning… Lennard got to come home! He has recovered sufficiently these past few days that his parents can handle his care now, at home. He is far from well, but he is ok considering his condition. He can walk a little, and he is beating his aunt and his daddy at […]

Lennard lacht op bed

19 Dec: Lennard is getting better!

Very good news from the hospital: Lennard is getting better! Yesterday saw the first signs of recovery, and these are getting stronger today. Slowly but surely, Lennard is recovering from his high dose chemo. His blood counts are up and his immune system is getting stronger. Lennard is strong enough again to sit up in […]


16 Dec update: a hard fight for Lennard

A short update from the hospital concerning Lennard. The high dose chemo is having a severe impact on Lennard’s health. His immune system is hardly functioning right now. Lennard is in pain and suffering from fever. His entire body is putting up a hard fight to get better. The doctors and staff at the hospital are taking […]

Dikke vriendjes met de stewards!

Keep up the fight!

Today we have some news which is good and bad at the same time: Lennard is really ill now following his last chemo treatment, which was high dose chemo. His condition is however by the book, because such a heavy chemo course should show an impact on Lennard’s little body. The hospital did prepare Lennard’s […]

De kaartjesmuur op de kamer van Lennard

6 Dec: Great response Cards4Lennard

More than 150 cards, balloons and gifts have been sent to Lennard now, what a great response from all of Lennard’s Friends! Karst Jan, Lennard’s father, has put all the cards up on the wall. Lennard loves looking at them, and Lennard’s parents are comforted by these tangible signs of support. A big thank you […]


Cards4Lennard, carry a smile to the hospital!

Today, Lennard started what will hopefully be his last treatment in the Amsterdam Medical Centre for some time. This treatment is a very intensive one, with high dose chemo and stem cell transplants. Lennard will probably have to stay in the hospital for about four weeks. This is the last big step of his treatment in the […]


28 nov Update: thumbs up for Monday!

  Good news! After last week’s delay, we can now go ahead with the next chemo treatment this Monday. Lennard has had a good week: first of all his feeding tube was removed last Monday, to Lennard’s delight! For the first time in months, he now looks like a normal healthy boy. A bald boy of course, […]

Op reis

24 nov update: treatment postponed

The results of last week’s scans are in: unfortunately Lennard could not start with high-dose chemotherapy today. The PET scan indicated a small spot on Lennard’s jaw, which might have been a new metastasis. A surgeon has now looked into this, and in all probability it is not a new metastasis, but Lennard will have more tests […]

Maxima en Lennard, bijeenkomst Villa Joep met logo

Lennard meets Queen Maxima at Villa Joep!

  Last Wednesday 12 November, Lennard met Queen Máxima! Villa Joep, the foundation against neuroblastoma children’s cancer, received a visit by Queen Máxima at the occasion of their 10 year anniversary.  Patients, their brothers and sisters, parents, and experts were invited to talk about what it is like for a family to be confronted with neuroblastoma, and why […]


10 nov update: Lennard is home!

Lennard was released from hospital today after his sixth chemo course. He is feeling well, and happy to be home with Judith! Hopefully, Lennard will be able to go to school sometime this week. He likes to go to school, and thankfully there’s also school in the hospital! In the picture, Lennard at school in […]