16 April: Tough times (but we’re ok)

  Lennard got home from his second immunotherapy last Thursday. He’s doing well, but this time it was a tough one. To explain a little about this round of treatments: this was the second course of immunotherapy, which consisted of 2 parts. First a stint of 5 days in hospital, during which Lennard was administered […]


31 March update: icecream and fun!

Lennard, his parents and his sister are starting to feel at home in King of Prussia (which is a suburb of Philadephia). Lennard is doing well. Last week we told you that the side-effects of the immunotherapy were really nasty, but after a week Lennard felt a lot better thankfully. The family are now enjoying these […]

17 March: first immunotherapy treatment

Last week Lennard received his first immunotherapy treatment. It was a tough week. To briefly explain what happens during immunotherapy: Lennard receives antibodies. These antibodies attack cancer cells, with the help of certain proteins. The proteins recognise the cancer cells, attach themselves to the cancer cells, and destroy them. That is very good of course, however […]

Lennard is nog steeds schoon!

6 March Lennard update: still all clear!

Lennard, his parents and his sister have been in the US for over a week now. An exciting time: exploring your new house, your new neighbourhood and of course a whole new hospital! Lennard is having a great time in the US, and he also really likes the new hospital, the CHOP. All the equipment, […]


A sincere thank you

Earlier today, Lennard left for the US with his sister Judith and his parents. The long, intensive and painful treatment in the Netherlands has now finished, and the immunotherapy in Philadelphia will start soon. The whole family will probably remain in the US for about 6 months, and during that time we will keep you updated […]


19 Feb: getting ready for the USA

Things are getting exciting! Just a few more sleeps, and then Lennard will depart for the US. Lots of stuff is being done and organised, imagine simply packing up and leaving for another continent, for six months! It was not easy to find accommodation so far away. Thankfully, real estate agent Lena was incredibly helpful. […]

foto 1 (2)

6-2: eind deze maand, USA!

  Eind deze maand zal het dan echt zo ver zijn… Het groene licht uit het CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) is gekomen, ze verwachten Lennard eind deze maand! Dat is snel… Dus nu is het zaak om de laatste zaken te regelen rond huis, tickets, etc. De voorbereidingen waren natuurlijk al getroffen, maar nu het […]


20 Jan Lennard update: first radiation

Today Lennard has taken another step towards the US: he had his first radiation treatment! He received so-called follow-up radiation treatment in the Emma Amsterdam Children’s Hospital. This means that, even though Lennard is now cancer-free, he is getting radiation treatments in the area where the tumour and metastheses used to be: his tummy. If cancer […]


9 Jan: Lennard is all clear!

We have just received wonderful from news from the hospital: Lennard is all clear! The results of the scans are in. The doctors can’t see any of the cancer spots anymore. Not even the little spots that showed up on previous scans; everything has disappeared. The doctors are really happy with the results they are seeing. […]

Lennard voor MRI

6 Jan: Scanday! Lennard gets better, slowly but surely

To all family, friends, loved ones, and everybody who has been so supportive to Lennard in these past few months… A very happy 2015 to you all! We hope this new year will also bring Lennard and his family much joy, next to the hard times that they undoubtedly will have to endure… We hope 2015 […]